Since 2012, we have been working in Transilvania to support neglected Roma children and their families and founded the Rumanian Association “Asociatia ELIJAH Initiativa Sociala Ruth Zenkert”. After the start in Hosman, thirty kilometres east of Sibiu, we have extended our activities to four more villages – Nou, Ţichindeal, Nocrich and Marpod. There we run social projects, education and training programmes and live with Roma in the ELIJAH community.

To support the organisation of Ruth Zenkert in Transilvania the Austrian Association „ELIJAH. Pater Georg Sporschill SJ. Soziale Werke.”, located in Vienna, was found 2013. Responsible herefore are Dr. Herbert Sausgruber (Chairman), Dr. Pater Georg Sporschill (Deputy), Dr. Alfred Fogarassy, Dr. Karl Schleinzer and Dr. Konstantin Rhomberg.

“The committed work of Father Georg Sporschill and Ruth Zenkert with their team for Roma families convinced me already during my first visit to Transylvania and ever since then. Elijah provides especially for children a way out of the circle of lacking education and poverty with patient commitment,” says Herbert Sausgruber, Chairman of ELIJAH.

Chairman of ELIJAH, Herbert Sausgruber, and founding member, Angela King, with children
in front of the Social Centre Habakuk in Tichindeal.