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10 Years ELIJAH

In the ELIJAH community are people who live together and learn from each other. Everyone gets involved every day. Trust and security, but also responsibility result from the common action. Our project is growing steadily and with it our community. Roma from the villages take over important tasks, at the same time more and more experts want to get involved in our association. Some employees have accompanied us for many years and followed us to Transylvania, former street children became responsible employees. Step by step they take on more responsibility and actively shape the future of their own community.

  • Florentina
  • Maria-Minodora
  • Adrian
  • Es schien aussichtslos
  • Nicht darauf vorbereitet
  • Allein gelassen
  • Die Trommel machte den Anfang
  • Unglaubliche Gastfreundschaft
  • Solidarität
  • Unbedingt Klarinette
  • Der Armut entkommen
  • Dazulernen
  • Ein Dorf blüht auf
  • Talente entdecken
  • Miteinander beten